Counselling Wrexham

At Time to Talk, Counselling Wrexham, we offer a space for you to express and explore any difficult emotions, problems or decisions that are affecting you.

People seek counselling for different reasons.  Often it is hard to make sense of your feelings.  You may be suffering with anxiety or depression.  At Time to Talk, Counselling Wrexham, we offer you support to explore your issues in a confidential space.  We will listen carefully and respond sensitively.  You will not be judged or given advice.

At Time to Talk, Counselling Wrexham, we practice Person Centred Counselling.  The core belief of Person Centred Counselling is that you, the client, are the expert on your own difficulties.  We will support and challenge you to find the answers.  The process of counselling is designed to help you make choices that feel right for you.  It  can help lead to improved relationships and a more fulfilling life.

Counselling Wrexham

We are two MA qualified counsellors registered with the BACP.  We offer a wide variety of experience in Private Practice, General Medical Practice, The NHS and School based counselling.

Our experience covers;

Eating Disorders
Emotional abuse
Low self esteem
Physical abuse
Relationship difficulties
Sexual abuse
Suicidal thoughts
Workplace stress

Choosing a counsellor is a personal decision.  The quality of the relationship is an important influence on the outcome of therapy.  At Time to Talk, Counselling Wrexham, we offer an initial assessment to ensure that you feel comfortable with your decision.  We will explore what you are hoping to achieve from the counselling. We will also discuss how we will work together.  Sessions are usually weekly. Sessions are either for an agreed period or open ended.  We will tailor the sessions to meet your needs.

Contact us by phone: 07941 954509.  Email:

Counselling Wrexham

Counselling Wrexham – Nikki Thomson

Counselling Wrexham

Counselling Wrexham – Kate Hall

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